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Institut français du Nigéria welcomed the first date of the West African Tour of the show Re:Incarnation, by Qudus Onikeku.

This piece is the result of five years of continuous research around body memory with young dancers in Nigeria, all undertaken since Qudus Onikeku’s return from Paris to his hometown Lagos. There, he trained, informed and inspired a new generation of dancers, with whom he has built strong trust relationships, strong enough to create a collective piece that showcases the depth of the West African youth culture and its pure and uncompromising joy.

Re:Incarnation is the work of this brand new generation of Lagosian artists and young dancers. Without any classical or occidental training, it is marked by the urban chaos of the Nigerian economic capital, Lagos the mega city, and takes as a point of departure the current Afrobeats Dance and Music that is presently in motion initially from Nigeria and quickly becoming a global phenomenon.

Coming from the Yoruba culture and philosophical approach, Qudus Onikeku placed at the core of the piece the Yoruba central concept of re:incarnation (birth, death, re-birth) which offers a distinct way of thinking about time and space in a cyclical manner.

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