New Library and “At Home” Exhibition Opening

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After one year of hard work and renovation, the new library at Institut français du Nigéria reopened! More than 300 hundred new books have been acquired, including novels, documentaries, thrillers, science fiction, comic books and albums. While discovering the collection of new books at the library, visitors also got the opportunity to see the new exhibition titled “At Home”. This exhibition was organized in partnership with the African Artists’ Foundation and was curated by Dr. Oluwatoyin Z. Sogbesan, in line with the “Home Museum” project launched last year online, during lockdown by Lagos Photo 2020.

“Cultural heritage and identity formation begin at home. At Home exhibition focuses on the home and activities within, that facilitate education and enjoyment. Each space and item, from furniture to tapestry, contributes to how each individual navigates stories of belonging, individuality and identity. At Home exhibition seeks to highlight aspects of the home through the lenses of a camera, and to show diverse stories of individual as well as shared identities.” To know more, visit the website:

During the evening, three spoken words artists performed, reading their own texts around the theme “At Home”: Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, Ruth Mahogany and Tonton Raymond. Lucas and Emily from the Institut français du Nigéria also read abstracts of “Le Petit Prince” from the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

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